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PiX 0506HD

PiX 0506 NDT is state-of-the-art, solid-state CMOS detector for dynamic imaging.

The 5×6 inch CMOS sensor provides a dynamic range up to 72 dB, and supports programmable gain and read-out modes. It enables high speed imaging up to 18 fps with excellent sensitivity. The PiX 0506 NDT is suited for industrial NDT applications including aerospace imaging, BLC (Bond line corrosion detection), micro focus inspection etc.

Pacific NDT specializes in providing high quality x-ray imaging solutions for industrial and security use. We are based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Seattle, WA) and all of our designs, assembly & manufacturing is done in the USA. We have a range of Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR) products powered by PiX (acquisition software).

Water- &

wireless system

in USA

The carbon fiber
covers are tough

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Our digital detectors cover a wide range of applications including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Powerline, Pipeline Integrity, Concrete, Security, Automotive, Battery Inspection etc.

Our company mission is to have successful installations in as many countries as possible while ensuring excellent post sales service.

  • US Based Manufacturer focused on high quality
  • Global install base
  • DICONDE compliant SW.
  • Single SW controls 12 hardware solutions (CR, DR & CT)
  • Free on-site demos and training.
  • Solutions range from 15 to 200 µm pixel pitch.
  • Static, Dynamic & Real time solutions available.
  • Trustworthy & reliable customer support
  • Complete engineering & design performed in the U.S.
  • Proven performance in 19 countries and counting
  • Aerospace imaging
  • BLC (bondline corrosion)
  • Microfocus inspection
  • 50 µm pixel pitch with 16-bit ADC
  • CMOS detector technology
  • 4.6 x 5.6 inch imaging area
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface, without image loss
  • Fast speed, high throughput
  • IP65 ingress protection
  • “Plug and Play” Software

Product Information


Water- and dust-resistant

High-resolution X-Ray images
directly to your laptop.

Includes a durable and
portable case or backpack.

We offer ️fall protection

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Manufacturing is in the USA

The carbon fiber
covers are tough

Damage resistant

Completely wireless system



Brochure PiX 0506HD

Download PDF brochure to know more
Detector Technology CMOS
Scintillator Csl
Pixel Pitch (µm) 50
Pixel Matrix 2330 X 2874
Active Area (mm) 116.5 X 143.7
Spatial Resolution (Ip/mm) 10
AD Conversion (bit) 16
Frame Rate (fps) 9 (1×1)
18 (2×2)
Data Interface Ethernet
Trigger Mode Continuous and Pulsed
X-ray Energy Range 40 -160kV /320 kV
Radiation Hardness (Gy) 10000
Ingress Protection IP65
Dimensions (mm) 240 X 154 x29
Weight (kg /lb) 3.7kg / 8.1lbs
Power Dissipation (W) <10
Operating Temperature (°C / °F) 10°C – 40°C / 50°F – 104°F
Storage & Transport Temperature with Package (°C / °F) -10°C – 55°C / 14°F – 131°F
Operating Humidity (% RH) 20 – 90
Storage & Transport Humidity with Package (% RH) 10 – 95

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