We are glad to introduce the Rev C of our Rhino Armor for our suite of Digital Detectors.

Some of the key upgrades with Rev C include:

Lighter weight
Mounting kit for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous circular objects/pipes
Snap on handles for mounting
Insert for Lead & Copper sheets
Thinner profile
Easy snap on battery cover
Beautiful carry case

These add to the already long list of features of Rev B of existing armor that are listed below:

IP 68 Rating (fully waterproof)
Handles to be used in both portrait and landscape mode
Rugged Carbon fiber frame
ABS body and quick release battery cover
DR On/Off Switch
Quick Mount on DR Tripod Stand (available as an option for Concrete & Aerospace Inspection)

Our systems are designed with feedback from clients with decades of field experience with the goal to make portable X-Ray imaging a smooth experience. Complete design, manufacturing & assembly is done in WA, USA.

Pacific NDT has a range of control and trigger boxes to be used with our imaging solutions. These systems allow you to trigger X-Ray and transfer images over long distances.

Along with it, they also allow you to change X-Ray techniques (set pulses, set delay time, emergency on/off etc) directly from our software.

Depending on your application, we have 4 different solutions that can be used. For example, PiX Gold Control Box is ideal for powerline/Drone application due to its size and acceptable Line of Sight range requirements.

Similarly, PiX Horizon Control Box is extremely useful during challenging EOD applications due to its long range. PiX Silver CB works great for pipeline integrity inspection while PiX Bronze might be ideal for a relatively less portable application (eg: Forensics).

Please review our control & trigger box offerings below in a tabulated form:

Wireless X-Ray Control   √
Mounting on X-Ray
Emergency X-Ray Stop
One Pulse Shot
Change Pulses in SW X
Set Delay Time in SW X X
Check X-Ray Battery Level X X
Control Dual Energy Box X X
Wireless Range (meters) 100 100 300 800
Size (in) 1.5″x2″x2″ 4″x3″x6″ 2″x2.5″x7.7″ 2″x2.5″x7.7″
Weight (gms) 40 150 130 150
IP Rating IP 65 IP 65 IP 67 IP 68

Pacific NDT is excited to introduce the Robo Module 1.0 to mount our DR systems on circular objects. Robo Module can be mounted/dismounted using a single click & is rated to lift/hold up to 150 lbs of weight.

This Module is an optional accessory that connects with all generations of PiX Rhino Armor that encases the Pacific NDT DR systems.
This Module is an optional accessory that connects with all geThe need for this module arises from the challenges faced by end users in harsh & challenging environments while inspecting pipelines. Oftentimes,
they have to work in a range of temperatures from freezing to hot. This mounting kit enhances the DR ease of use in portable pipeline integrity inspections.erations of PiX Rhino Armor that encases the Pacific NDT DR systems.
Pix Rhino Armor 3.0 is an IP 68 rated system while our DR solutions themselves are IP 67 rated.
We provide all kinds of rugged mounting kits to meet the needs of end users working in the field.
We have mounting kits for all kinds of pipes (ferrous and non-ferrous) & flat objects.

We are excited to release the third generation of PiX Dual Energy Box. This helps to perform material discrimination using our portable imaging system. PiX DE box can be controlled directly from our Pi Gold Control Box (Rev C & above).

DE box mounts on the X-Ray (as shown in images) with a single click.
This model is compatible with XRS 150, 200 & 3 series with 7 pin LEMO connectors.
DE Box compatible with constant potential generators will be launched shortly.
It can be powered directly from the Pi Gold control box.
However, it comes with a slot to place its own  batteries if needed.
The box is very light and can be rotated 360 degrees
around the tube head for flexibility in the field.
The system can be turned ON/OFF directly from the
software while also allowing the flexibility to do it with a single click of the latch button.

PiX Manual Mount is a critical accessory for Oil & Gas inspection. This kit allows the user to conveniently mount the DR solution on insulated or cladded pipes of various thicknesses (2″ to 24″ OD). Manual kit comes as an independent module that connects to PiX Rhino Armor with a single click. This kit is rated to hold a weight of up to 200lbs. For ferrous (non-insulated) pipes, we have another accessory called the “Robo DR”. You can also see it under the “Accessories” section in the website. All these modular accessories are part of the PiX family and are interchangeable. For more info, contact us at [email protected] or call us at +1 323 397 8254.

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