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Pipeline Integrity Inspection | Portable X-Ray Solutions

NDT X Ray Machine

PiX Pikena

PiX Pikena HD is our lightest, smallest and highest resolution imaging solution (NDT X Ray Machine).

This unique imaging system comes complete with our advanced rugged armor designed for portable use (NDT X Ray Machine). Inspired by mobile case dedicated to protect your technology from harsh environments, our case is quick to mount and adds substantial protection to the detector’s IP67 rating. With a scanning resolution of 76 microns and a weight of 2.7 lbs (minus armor), the system allows the ability to image in tighter spots & improved accessibility during CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) inspection.

Water- &

wireless system

in USA

The carbon fiber
covers are tough

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PiX Pikena HD allows Multi Frame Capture (MFC) and advanced software averaging to reduce the noise and improve Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). It has shown tremendous results while imaging Aerospace parts as well as during Pipeline integrity inspection (clearly identify corrosion, erosion, shrinkage cracks, measure wall thickness etc).

PiX Software with its “SINGLE CLICK CAPTURE” process makes acquiring images very easy. When you launch the software, detector and x-ray are auto-connected. Just press “READY” & image is acquired within a few seconds & wirelessly transferred on the tablet (or laptop) for immediate review and analysis.

  • Lowest Radiation Possible
  • U.S. Based Customer Support
  • Plug & Play Solution
  • Single Click Image
  • Full-field AED & Trigger Mode
  • Rugged Rhino protective Armor
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Sensitivity Mode
  • Suite Of NDT Tools (including Smart Stitching)
  • New Weld Construction
  • Electronics Inspection
  • Aerospace Applications (HD use)
  • Boiler Pipelines
  • Orbital Weld Inspection
  • Pipeline Integrity Inspection
  • Detects corrosion (Internal & External)
  • Detects erosion (Internal)
  • Measure pipe wall thickness
  • Analyze weld quality
  • Physical Damage Assessment

Product Information


Water- and dust-resistant

High-resolution X-Ray images
directly to your laptop.

Includes a durable and
portable case or backpack.

We offer ️fall protection

Video instructions

Manufacturing is in the USA

The carbon fiber
covers are tough

Damage resistant

Completely wireless system

Pix Pikena

Image library

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Brochure PIX Pikena

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Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Flip Image Storage, Import/Export, Diconde
Text, Shapes, Distances, Areas Line Profile, Duplex Wire
Invert, Window/Level, Histogram Smart Stitching
Crop, Mask, ROI, Overlay ROI Statistics, SNR, CNR
Best fit, 1:1 Display, Split Display Image Processing, Flitters, Embossing, Pseudocolor
Undo, Redo, Reset, Presentation State Image Database Management System
Configurable UI, Multi-Language Report Writer
Info for Part and Study,  Overlay User Loggins, Roles

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