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PiX (EzDR) 1417

The PiX Portable Security Solution from Pacific is designed with a complete focus on the end-user.

Every component has a snap-on fit for quick and definitive use in a high-pressure environment. The system carries certifications such as Military Standard 810G, 461G for usage in low and high temperature, vibration, and altitude, and is backed by Pacific’s ISO 9001:2015 approved quality management system.

The system comes in a portable & rugged pelican case on wheels with custom foam (also available in a backpack solution). The imaging unit consists of an IP67 rated DR with the lowest edge space in the market, a rugged IP 65 PC/Tablet, PiX Security Software, PiX Gold 3.0 Control Box, Dual Energy Module (2.0), Golden XRS source & other accessories (bipod stand, tripod stand, etc).

The PiX Security Solution operates with a built-in battery and has both tethered & wireless modes. Our system enables you to capture and display an image in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make rapid decisions under high-pressure situations.

Water- &

wireless system

in USA

The carbon fiber
covers are tough

Product Details


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  • Low Edge Space
  • IP 67 Certified Detectors
  • Complete Wireless X-Ray Control
  • Emergency ON/OFF Switch
  • Dual Energy Module
  • Auto-Connect
  • Visual and Audible Alarm
  • Pelican and Backpack Solutions
  • Long Range Image Transfer
Sensor Type TFT Array
X-Ray Converter (Scintillator) Gadox (Gd2O2S) & Csl Options Available
Dimensions (WxLxT) mm 2.9~5 (6.4~11 lbs.) Depending on your application, lead shielding is done
Active Pixel Area mm 2500 x 3052
Limited Resolution lp/mm 3.57
AD Convertor bits 16
Data Transfer Interface Wireless: IEEE 802.11 ac / Gigabit Ethernet
X-Ray Generator Interface AED / Line Trigger
Power: DeWalt”‘ 12v Li-Ion Battery
Weight: 4.70 lb (2.13 kg) including battery
Output Dose: Avg. 3.1 mR/ count, measured 12″
from source
Pulse rate: 4 Counts per second
Counts per charge : 1700 Counts (5100 pulses)
Source size: 1 8″ (3mm)
Mox Photon Energy: 150 kVp
Pulse Width: 50 Nanoseconds
Beam Angle, 40 Degree standard
Current Draw: 6.8 AMPS
Max DutyCycle: 100 Counts (300 pulses)
per 4 minutes
Warranty: 1 Year limited part s, labor, service
Laptop Option # 1 B360,Intel Core i5-10210U Processor,With Webcam, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 with 8GB RAM,256GB PCIe SSD,Sunlight Readable Full HD LCD 1400 nits + Touchscreen + Hard tip stylus, US KBD + US Power cord,Membrane Backlit KBD Wifi + BT,RS232 + VGA,Smart Card Reader, SD Card Reader, RJ45, HDMI, 1 Year Warranty
Tablet Option A140 G2,Intel Core i5-10210U Processor 1.6 GHz,(No Webcam), Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 with 8GB RAM,256GB PCIe SSD, Sunlight Readable (LCD+ Touch Screen),US Power Cord,Wifi+BT, Micro SD, LAN, Smart Card reader, 1 Year Warranty
Laptop Option # 2 S410 G3 Basic,Intel Core i3-8145U Processor 2.1GHz,14″,Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 with 4GB RAM,256GB SSD,STD LCD,US KBD+US Power cord,Membrane KBD,Wifi+BT,SD Card Reader, 1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Information


Water- and dust-resistant

High-resolution X-Ray images
directly to your laptop.

Includes a durable and
portable case or backpack.

We offer ️fall protection

Video instructions

Manufacturing is in the USA

The carbon fiber
covers are tough

Damage resistant

Completely wireless system

Pix (EzDR) 1417

Image library

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Brochure PIX (EzDR) 1417

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Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Flip Image Storage, Import/Export, Diconde
Text, Shapes, Distances, Areas Line Profile, Duplex Wire
Invert, Window/Level, Histogram Pipe wall Thickness Measurement
Crop, Mask, ROI, Overlay ROI Statistics, SNR, CNR
Best fit, 1:1 Display, Split Display Image Processing, Flitters, Embossing, False Colors
Undo, Redo, Reset, Presentation State Pipeline, Trigger, Plugins
Configurable UI, Multi-Language Reporting
Info for Part and Study,  Overlay User Loggins, Roles

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