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Introducing PiX RavenTM – introducing complete wireless solution for power line X-Ray inspection designed for utility companies and transmission corporations.

Powerline X-ray inspection is costly, difficult and sometimes just dangerous. PiX Raven is a highly advanced powerline mounting X-Ray solution designed to upgrade and introduce digital X-Ray imaging to the powerline industry.

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PiX Raven includes a state-of-the art digital detector inside our IP68 rated protective armor (Rhino), portable X-Ray, Air Pi Trigger Box all mounted on newly upgraded mount for inspecting sleeves and connectors. Our carbon fiber frame mounts on the powerline and is one of the safest methods to safely inspect conductorsleeves on power lines.
Along with it, our software loaded on a rugged tablet captures accurate and actionable images! With a single click, you can trigger the X-Ray, capture an image and wirelessly transfer it on to the tablet/laptop in a matter of seconds. When you launch the software, the detector and x-ray are auto-connected.
Just press “Capture” & image is acquired within a few seconds & wirelessly transferred on the tablet (or laptop) for immediate review and analysis.

  • Inspect power lines efficiently & safely with PiX RavenTM.
  • Auto Lock mechanism holds the Raven in place allowing no movement or blur during usage.
  • With a single click, unlock & move the Raven to the next spot for inspection.
  • Wireless transmission to touch screen tablets and laptops using Pacific NDT Powerline Software.
  • Viewing Tools – Rotate, Flip, Move, Zoom, Magnify, Best Fit, View 1:1, Adjust Contrast, W/L etc.
  • Measurement Tools – Add Text, Measure Distance, Calibration, Measure Angle, Draw Line, Circle, Rectangle, Measure ROI, Crop, Mask etc.
  • Image Processing Filters – Sharpen, Edge, Psuedocolor, Dual Energy, Histogram Equalization, Anonymize Data, Emboss, Profiler, Report Writer, Auto-measurements etc.
  • Advance Algorithms: optimized for Powerline, Pipeline, Concrete, Security & Aerospace.
  • Fast Inspection of interior conductor sleeves.
  • Cost & Time Savings.
  • Immediate Data Sharing.
  • Push to Cloud option.

Powerline Solution

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Powerline solution

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Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Flip Image Storage, Import/Export, Diconde
Text, Shapes, Distances, Areas Line Profile, Duplex Wire
Invert, Window/Level, Histogram Pipe wall Thickness Measurement
Crop, Mask, ROI, Overlay ROI Statistics, SNR, CNR
Best fit, 1:1 Display, Split Display Image Processing, Flitters, Embossing, False Colors
Undo, Redo, Reset, Presentation State Pipeline, Trigger, Plugins
Configurable UI, Multi-Language Reporting
Info for Part and Study,  Overlay User Loggins, Roles

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